Architect Robert A.M. Stern: Presence Of The Past

Robert A.M. SternsRobert A.M. Stern is a postmodernist architect, who has been a Dean of the Yale School of Architecture since 1988, and is still doing it all at the age of 74. Click here to watch a fascinating half hour documentary about him on PBS. Stern is responsible for 42nd Street looking as it does today, but mostly he is known for buildings that "reflect their physical and historical context", like the 15 Central Park West on the photograph above.

He has been publicly speaking out against the modern architecture's tendency to become "abstract and unconnected with people", and I found listening to him passionatly defend his point of view to be thought provoking and inspirational.

"A building has integrity just like a man. And just as seldom."  Robert A.M. Stern