Gerhard Steidl

How To Make a Book With Steidl is a wonderful documentary, directed by Jörg Adolph and Gereon Wetzel made in 2010. You will enjoy every single moment of this 88 minutes long film, but here are some of them: [youtube]

Gerhard Steidl is a German publisher and printer of art books, but what it really means is that he is an artist in his own right.


Steidl approaches his work with passion and child like wonder, while upholding his commitment to excellence. In this film we get to witness his collaborations all over the world with such renowned photographers  as Robert Frank, Ed Ruscha, Karl LagerfeldRobert Adams and many more. His company produces over 300 titles a year, and he overseas each and every one of them.


Listen to Gerhard Steidl and Robert Polidori discuss their approach to what they do at the Monoqi Liberatum Berlin Design Summit.

"What gunpowder did for war, the printing press has done for the mind."  Wendell Phillips